7 Causes Excessive Workouts Might Lead to Heart Attacks
By True Scoop

Cardiovascular Strain: Overworking the heart during winter exercise elevates heart attack risks.

Inadequate Recovery: Skipping essential rest periods strains the heart, raising susceptibility to issues.

Electrolyte Imbalance: Intense winter workouts may disrupt electrolytes, affecting heart function negatively.

Chronic Inflammation: Prolonged, intense exercise in colder months can contribute to chronic inflammation, impacting heart health.

Increased Cardiovascular Demand: Pushing the heart too hard in winter elevates heart rate, potentially straining the cardiovascular system.

Elevated Oxidative Stress: Intense winter exercise may lead to excessive oxidative stress, affecting heart tissues.

Dehydration Risks: Failure to maintain proper winter hydration during extreme workouts can impact heart function negatively.

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