May 06 , 2024

9 Cities Of Punjab That Are 500 years old

By True Scoop

Hoshiarpur: Established around 400 BC, it's one of the oldest cities in Punjab known for its archaeological sites

Kapurthala: Founded in the 11th century, it's renowned for its Indo-French architecture and cultural heritage

Ludhiana: Established in the 15th century, it's Punjab's largest city and a major industrial hub

Patiala: It's known for its rich cultural heritage, including the iconic Patiala Shahi turban

Bathinda: Established in 3rd century BC, it's one of the oldest cities in Punjab

Jalandhar: It's an ancient city with historical significance and modern industrial development

Amritsar: Founded in 1577, it's the spiritual and cultural center of the Sikh religion

Anandpur Sahib: Established in 1665, it's a significant Sikh pilgrimage site

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