Jun 12 , 2024

8 Coffee Plantations you must Visit in India

By True Scoop

Coorg, Karnataka: Known as the coffee capital of India, offering scenic plantations and rich flavors.

Chikmagalur, Karnataka: The birthplace of Indian coffee, famous for its lush plantations and cool climate.

Wayanad, Kerala: Nestled in the Western Ghats, combining coffee tours with stunning natural beauty.

Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh: Renowned for organic coffee, surrounded by picturesque hills and tribal culture.

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu: Offers serene plantations with panoramic views and unique coffee varieties.

Munnar, Kerala: Famous for tea and coffee plantations, set amidst rolling hills and misty weather.

Baba Budangiri, Karnataka: Historical significance with beautiful coffee estates and a rich heritage.

Sakleshpur, Karnataka: Emerging coffee destination known for its scenic beauty and aromatic coffee estates.

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