Apr 20 , 2024

Countries That Allow Suicide For Mental Health Issues

By True Scoop

Belgium: The country allows assisted suicide for people suffering from a medical condition of mental suffering

The people going through from unbearable suffering and cannot take it can submit a request to the government

Spain: The residents of country are allowed euthanasia if going through unbearable suffering

The country even allows people going through physical problems to die if they really want to and if it is relevant

Switzerland: It allows assisted suicide for people suffering from "incurable and severe psychological disorders

It is performed by someone with no direct interest in the person's death

Netherlands: It allows euthanasia, including for mental suffering, under specific conditions

The criteria include unbearable suffering without prospect of improvement

Luxembourg: It allows euthanasia, and the law includes provisions for cases involving unbearable psychological suffering

Caution: You must be aware that suicide is never the answer to depression. It is always better to seek professional help

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