Countries where Diwali is recognized as a public holiday



With a sizeable Indian population residing in Australia, Diwali is celebrated with great fervor in major cities where they perform all forms of rituals and enjoy the festival of lights way away from home.


Almost all the ceremonies performed are on lines that are celebrated in India and incite those leaving there. People in Indonesia observe Diwali with utmost zeal and with public holidays being declared, people make the best of it.


A huge population of Hindus resides in Mauritius, who alongside all the non-Hindu celebrate this pious day on the island nation. Diwali here is observed as a public holiday with celebrations extending for a week.


Despite Malaysia being an Islamic state, the country observes Diwali as a public holiday and people here celebrate the festival of light with great pomp and show. Houses are lit with lights and diyas the same as elsewhere.


Flower arrangements, banners, and lights in various colors transform the streets. The air is filled with the enticing perfume of burning incense and flowers. Singapore also observes Diwali as a holiday.


The small island country has much to do with Diwali and its sizeable Hindu population and makes the most of the public holidays where people throw parties and cherish altogether to mark the festival of lights.

New York City

The latest addition to the list is USA's New York City which has declared to observe school holidays starting in 2023 to teach people and children about the importance of inclusivity and the festival.