Apr 18 , 2024

10 Crazy Things That Happened After UAE Flooding

By True Scoop

Even after much havoc, people were seen being happy and playing volleyball with water up to their knees

The staff of all malls and complexes must be appreciated as they tirelessly worked to drain out the water

The desert city Dubai became an aqua city as it received 1.5 years of rain in 24 hours

Real Estate Agents changed their description to Villas with indoor water feature that was water dripping from ceiling

Locals of Dubai were seen making TikTok videos amidst heavy rainfall and storms

Heavy rainfall caused lakes to overflow creating fishing areas on footpaths

Various animals were seen asking for help and shelter from the people passing by during rainfall

It was the first time ever that world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa was surrounded by clouds and hardly visible

The shots of thundering and lightning were experienced inside the plane while it was in air

Some of the most beautiful lakes were overflowing due to rain and their water had come till roads

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