Apr 18 , 2024

Shocking Unseen Visuals Of Dubai Rains

By True Scoop

The United Arab Emirates was hit with heaviest rainfall in 75 years

The country received 1.5 years of rainfall in just 24 hours resulting is complete shutdown of many cities

The Dubai rain was so strong that it brove various infrastructures and caused flying of furniture from balconies

The commuters were also facing a long of problems as the road was filled with water and cars were mostly drowned inside

There are speculations that UAE flooding has been caused due to cloud seeding

It is a form of weather modification that helps to increase rainfall in certain areas

The after effects of cloud seeding results in heavy storms and flooding

Many experts are also saying that not cloud seeding but climatic change is the reason for Dubai flooding

Till now, it is not clear whether rains in UAE are caused due to artificial rain or climatic change

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