Dangerous Non-Veg Foods: 10 Items to Be Cautious About

Dangerous Undercooked Poultry: Risk of Salmonella or Campylobacter infections.

Risky Raw Shellfish: Potential contamination with harmful bacteria and viruses.

Processed Meats Dangers: High sodium and preservatives linked to health issues.

Perils of Farmed Fish: May contain contaminants like PCBs or antibiotics.

Hazards of Excessive Red Meat: Linked to increased risk of certain health issues.

Canned Tuna Risks: High mercury levels may pose health risks.

Fatty Pork Cautions: High saturated fat content, linked to cardiovascular issues.

Concerns with Sausages and Hot Dogs: Processed meats with additives.

Risks in Deep-Fried Meats: Increased unhealthy trans fat content detrimental to health.

Caution with Raw Eggs: Risk of foodborne illnesses like Salmonella; handle with care.

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