10 Dangerous South Indian Foods You Should Avoid

Highly Spiced Pickles: Excessive spices can lead to digestive discomfort.

Street Vendor Dosas: Hygiene concerns may pose a risk of foodborne illness.

Fried Snacks (Vada, Bonda): High oil content linked to health issues.

Overly Spiced Curries: Excessive heat may cause digestive problems for some.

Coconut-based Sweets: High saturated fat content may impact cardiovascular health.

Deep-Fried Bajjis: Excess oil can contribute to unhealthy fat intake.

Overly Salty Sambar: High sodium content, a concern for cardiovascular health.

Masala Puri Chaat: Potential for cross-contamination and hygiene issues.

Unhygienic Street-side Pani Puri: Risk of foodborne illnesses.

Rich Desserts (Payasam, Halwa): High sugar and ghee content, bestĀ inĀ moderation.

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