8 Delicious Diwali Sweets and Snacks to Enjoy

"Gulab Jamun": Soft, syrup-soaked balls, a Diwali dessert favorite.

"Jalebi": Crispy, coiled sweets soaked in sugar syrup, irresistible treat.

"Ladoo": Round, sweet bites made with flour, sugar, and ghee.

"Barfi": Milk-based fudge, often flavored with nuts or fruits.

"Namak Pare": Crunchy, savory treats perfect for festive snacking.

"Chakli": Spiral-shaped, spiced snacks, a Diwali crunchy delight.

"Murukku": Crispy, twisted delights made from rice flour and spices.

"Kaju Katli": Diamond-shaped cashew fudge, a rich Diwali indulgence.

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