Top makeup looks to choose from for your wedding


No Makeup look: The clean, simple look with nude tones to contrast the color is a trending choice for brides these days

Dark Coloured Lip Shades: Darker shades on lips makes your makeup look more enhanced. It must be one of top preferences in your list

Metallic Shades: Saying yes to metallic tones for wedding is totally a thumbs up. Colors like gold, silver, and bronze are the best

All Glammed Up: Going for fancy makeup look is also top choice for brides. Dark smokey eyes with heavy bronze undertones and dark lip shade is a must go to.

All glittery: Sometimes it’s just best to choose an all glitter liner or eye shadow that uplifts the whole glow of your face.

All modern: It is one of the best looks to go for. Glossy makeup done but in a simpler way adds too much to your wedding day look

Traditional Look: If you are the one who believes in tradition then this look is a must for you. Soft eye shadow, darker shade on lips and bindi on forehead will make you man fall weak in knees.

These were some of the top makeup looks you can opt from to be the best looking bride