Sep 12 , 2023

Top 7 different types of Tandoori Ovens For tandoori Food

By True Scoop

Steel Tandoor: Steel tandoors are durable and more resistant to cracking than clay tandoors. They come in various sizes and can be heated using gas or charcoal. They are commonly used in restaurants and catering services.

Clay Oven (Indian-style): These are large, open clay ovens often used in commercial kitchens for making naan and other flatbreads. The food is placed on the inner walls, similar to traditional tandoors. They can be heated using charcoal or gas.

Charcoal Tandoor: Charcoal tandoors are similar to traditional clay tandoors but are designed with added insulation for better heat retention and efficiency. They use charcoal as a fuel source and are often used in restaurants for cooking tandoori dishes.

Electric Tandoor: Electric tandoors are compact and designed for home use. They plug into a standard electrical outlet and heat up quickly. While they lack the smoky flavor of traditional tandoors, they are convenient for indoor cooking.

Gas Tandoor: Gas tandoors are modern variations designed to use natural gas or propane as a heat source. They offer greater control over temperature and are easier to maintain than traditional clay tandoors. They are often used in commercial kitchens for their convenience.

Traditional Clay Tandoor: The traditional clay tandoor is the most iconic and widely recognized type. It's made of clay or mud and is typically shaped like a large pot. These tandoors are known for producing authentic, smoky flavors and are used for cooking naan, tandoori chicken, and other dishes.

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