Jun 14 , 2024

Diljit Dosanjh’s Favorite Punjabi Drinks

By True Scoop

Lassi: Traditional yogurt-based drink, often flavored with cardamom or mango.

Chaas: Buttermilk with spices like cumin, mint, and salt.

Rooh Afza Milkshake: Made with Rooh Afza syrup, milk, and ice cream.

Aam Panna: Refreshing raw mango drink with mint and spices.

Thandai: Cooling milk-based drink with almonds, saffron, and spices.

Nimbu Pani: Lemonade with salt, sugar, and a hint of spices.

Jaljeera: Spiced cumin water with mint and tamarind.

Badam Milk: Sweetened milk infused with almond paste and saffron.

Sugarcane Juice: Freshly pressed sugarcane with lime and mint.

Kesar Elaichi Sharbat: Saffron and cardamom syrup diluted with water or milk.

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