Diwali 2022: 6 ways to calm your pet amidst loud firecrackers


Keep them sanitized and avoid festive clothing

After every stroll make sure to sanitize your pets’ paws and coat as the gunpowder and firecracker residue can be harmful for pets and can poison them if consumed

Keep them sanitized and avoid festive clothing

Using a pet-friendly floor cleaner can help in keeping the house sanitized. Though festive clothing is fun for us it can be irritating and frustrating for pets, especially cats.

Plan a weekend getaway

If you are feeling adventurous then you may want to take them away from the city for a weekend getaway

Prepare festive treats for pets

Pet-friendly oats and peanut butter (xylitol free) laddoos can be a delicious delight for your pets during this Diwali.

Prepare festive treats for pets

Treats infused with hemp seed oil and prebiotics are a great option too as they have a calming effect and keep the pets happy

Gift them ear muffs

The easiest thing to do is to get a pair of ear muffs for your pets, and start getting your pets used to wearing them.

Gift them ear muffs

It is advisable to keep pets indoors and if possible, in a familiar room. Also, keep your main doors locked, and if you have guests at home, ensure that you clearly communicate the needs of your pets

Put on some calming music

To cut down on the noise of the festivities, try and put on some calming music for your pets to listen to. There are a number of online applications that have calming music for dogs and cats

Soothing massage

A soothing massage can be the best way to calm your pet during Diwali. Hemp seed oil is a great solution for calming down your pet. A nice massage can do wonders and reduce your pets’ stress to a great extent