'Drake to 50 Cent': Top 8 celebs who betted BIG MONEY in Super Bowl
By True Scoop

In 2023’s Super Bowl LVII, Canadian rapper Drake placed an almost $1 million bet on the Kansas City Chiefs.

50 Cent won over a million dollars after betting $500K on the Giants to win the NFC in 2012.

In 2011, Floyd Mayweather bet at least $1 million against Tim Tebow, which didn’t end so well for him.

As per Forbes, Ashton Kutcher openly admitted to relying on professional consultants for most of his wildly successful bets.

Marvel star Chris Pratt lost his Super Bowl bet to Chris Evans in 2015 and therefore he had to visit a charity event as starlord.

Chris Evans who is a New England Patriots fan won the Super Bowl bet from Pratt.

Charles Barkley lost $100,000 betting on the Atlanta Falcons to conquer New England in Super Bowl LI.

Rapper Birdman wanted to bet $5 MILLION on the New England Patriots to beat the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI

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