Nov 15 , 2023

Exploring Shimla: 10 Hidden Gems Revealed in Simple Words

By True Scoop

Viceregal Lodge: Colonial charm, history, and stunning architecture on display.

Jakhoo Temple: Spiritual haven with panoramic views of Himalayas and town.

The Ridge: Bustling hub with colonial buildings, hosting cultural events often.

Christ Church: Second oldest church in Northern India, showcasing neo-Gothic style.

Scandal Point: Intersection tales where Mall Road and Ridge converge beautifully.

Annadale Ground: Picturesque open space with a rich history, ideal for serenity.

Kufri: Winter wonderland known for skiing, snow-capped mountains, and wildlife.

Chadwick Falls: Enchanting waterfall surrounded by deodar trees, a nature escape.

Gorton Castle: Hidden gem flaunting Gothic architecture, showcasing Shimla’s diversity.

Shimla State Museum: Cultural immersion with fascinating artifacts and exhibits to explore.

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