Dec 15 , 2023

10 Fast and Easy Non-Veg Recipes Ready in Under 10 Minutes Each

By True Scoop

Quick Chicken Chettinad: Spicy and aromatic chicken curry in a flash.

Prawn Coconut Curry: Rapid and flavorful prawn curry with coconut.

Instant Fish Fry: Crispy and seasoned fish ready in minutes.

10-Minute Chicken Biryani: Speedy one-pot biryani with tender chicken.

Egg Roast: Quick and spicy masala-coated boiled eggs.

South Indian Chicken Fry: Rapidly sautéed chicken with spices

Chettinad Egg Curry: A quick and fiery egg curry from Chettinad.

Instant Mutton Korma: Flavorful mutton curry in a hurry.

Quick Andhra Chicken Curry: Speedy curry with the bold flavors of Andhra.

Shrimp Kuzhambu: Tangy and swift shrimp curry.

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