Five 'Most and Least secure' countries as per the Gallup's Index


Singapore and Tajikistan

In the recently released ratings on law and order by global analytics firm Gallup, Singapore has been positioned as the most secure country followed by Tajikistan with 96 and 95 points respectively.


In third place, Norway has found a spot with 93 points, giving it another point to boast about it being one the finest country based the civic and living standards.


Switzerland comes fourth in the list with 92 points for its consolidative safety and diplomatic measures.


Last among the first five is another Asian country, Indonesia with the same 92 points.

Sierra Leone and DR Congo

Among the bloc of least secure states, going from the top among the last five, Sierra Leone and DR Congo both feature in the list with 59 and 58 points respectively.


The hyper-unstable state of Venezuela comes at 3rd with 55 points for its unfavorable living standards and constant civil tussle in the country.


Gabon has placed right a spot above the bottom with 54 points due to the continuous and persistent cases of armed attacks and an alarming state of mass rapes in the country.


Afghanistan has failed miserably and is placed right at the bottom with the least, 51 points mostly because of its terrible human rights standard after the Taliban took over the on August 15th last year.