8 special avatars of Lord Ganesha



Dhumravana-Lord Ganesha avatar defeated Ahamkarasur, the demon of self-infatuation or ego (ahem)


Demon Madasura conquering the three worlds, made the gods invoke Ekadanta. To fight the demon, Ekadanta arrived on Mooshik (mouse). Madasura lost his courage at the sight of the strong god and surrendered, receiving Ekadanta’s forgiveness


The third incarnation of Lord Ganesha was Mahodara, who defeated Mohasura, who is the demon of delusion and confusion


Gajanana is the name of the elephant-faced avatar. Lord Ganesha chose this avatar to fight 'Lobha', the demon of greed that was born out of Goddess Parvati's curse


Krodhasura, the demon of rage, was fought by Lord Ganesha in the form of Lambodara


Vikata- when the gods and goddesses were being tormented by Kamsura, the demon of desire created from the seeds of Lord Vishnu, they prayed a lot, and eventually, this avatar of Lord Ganesha emerged, who controlled Kamasura


Vighnaraj is one of Lord Ganesha's most well-known incarnations and is regarded as the destroyer of all obstacles


Ganesha's first incarnation was Vakratunda, which is Sanskrit for 'bent trunk'. Lord Vakratunda rescued the world by killing both sons of demon Matsarasura