Global Twitter Royalty: Top 10 Most Followed Accounts Worldwide
By True Scoop

Elon Musk’s Stellar Lead: Tops the list with a whopping 162.9 million followers.

Barack Obama’s Global Influence: Commands an impressive 132 million followers.

Justin Bieber’s Universal Popularity: Musical icon with 111.5 million devoted followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Worldwide Fandom: Football legend boasts 110.2 million Twitter followers.

Rihanna’s International Stardom: Pop sensation with a strong Twitter following of 107 million.

Katy Perry’s Global Symphony: Matching Rihanna with an audience of 107 million.

Taylor Swift’s Worldwide Presence: Captivating 94.8 million dedicated followers.

Narendra Modi’s Global Connect: Political leader with a substantial 93.1 million Twitter followers.

Donald Trump’s Global Impact: Former president maintains relevance with 87.4 million followers.

Lady Gaga’s Artistic Global Fandom: Closes the top 10 list with 83.8 million followers.

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