9 Healthy Millet Desserts to make this Diwali

Millet Kheer: Replace rice with millet for a creamy, low-fat kheer that's perfect for Diwali.

Millet Laddoos: Nutritious laddoos made from millet flour, nuts, and jaggery for a guilt-free treat.

Millet Halwa: Prepare a millet-based halwa with ghee, sweetener, and cardamom for a wholesome dessert

Millet Payasam: A South Indian favorite, millet payasam combines millet, jaggery, and coconut milk for sweetness.

Millet and Dry Fruit Barfi: Create a healthy barfi using millet, dry fruits, and honey or jaggery.

Millet Date Balls: Blend millet flour, dates, and nuts into energy-boosting, naturally sweetened dessert bites.

Millet Sheera: A millet twist on traditional suji sheera, with ghee, sugar, and aromatic spices.

Millet Coconut Ladoo: Millet and coconut combine to make delightful, bite-sized, and healthy ladoos.

Millet Chocolate Pudding: Indulge in a guilt-free millet-based chocolate pudding, perfect for Diwali celebrations.

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