How to mitigate poor AQI effects on your body


Say no to smoking

Amidst the poor weather, smoking will only add up to your adversary, refrain from it as much as possible to ensure maximum protection of your health.

Ventilated Room

While you stay inside make sure the rooms of your home are properly ventilated. A packed room acts like a suitable environment for the toxic contents in air.

Air Purifier

Get an air purifier in your home, ventilation will also expose your home’s atmosphere to harmful substances in the air, and this will add up a layer of safety while you stay within.

N95 Mask

An N95 mask is essential for your well-being. Put it on whenever you step out of your home to ensure your safety from the toxic air outside.


Steam acts as a huge reliever, besides clearing your nasal passage, taking steam will also neutralize any form of bacteria and toxic elements while we breathe.

Herbal Tea

Add herbal tea to your list of essentials, even if you are not much used to it take at least 2-3 times a day to boost your body against the ill effects of pollution with its natural contents.

Avoid Incensed Sticks

Ensure that you are less exposed to Incensed Sticks in your home, experts have suggested that the chemicals which are released from the incensed sticks only intensify the complications within.

Refrain from Stepping out of home

Most important until and unless it is not very essential do not step out of your home. The complications might not be fairly visible but it is going to eventually cost your health.