Apr 18 , 2024

9 Indian States & Cities On Alert For Heat Wave

By True Scoop

Maharashtra: Various alerts have been issued for cities. It is said to experience 30 to 35 degrees temperature

Goa: Everyone’s favourite holiday destination will remain quite humid as temperature will go above human survivability

Delhi-NCR: The capital will experience extreme temperature this time ranging from 40 degrees to more

Mumbai: The city known for its pleasant weather will see a rise in temperature. This time mercury will go up to 40 degrees

Odisha: It is also expected to experience heatwave conditions from April 15 to 19 this year

West Bengal: Heatwave alert has also been issued here. It is expected to witness soaring temperatures

Telangana: The temperature will go up to 45 degrees leading to rising concerns for the citizens

Andhra Pradesh: The state is likely to see above normal heat temperature this year

Kerala: A yellow alert was issued in multiple districts regarding the rise in temperature ranging from 35 to 40 degrees

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