Mar 01 , 2024

Indians are spending most on THESE three things

By True Scoop

As per Household Consumption Expenditure Survey, Indian households spent ₹5.4 trillion in 2023 on fast moving consumer goods such as biscuits, soaps, milk, etc.

As per Household Consumption Expenditure Survey, Indians are spending less on cereals, but more on beverages, refreshments, and processed food.

Among non-food items, Indian consumers are spending more on conveyance, consumer services and durable goods, like televisions and fridges.

Average rural consumer spending rose to Rs 3,773 a month per person for the 12 months through July from 1,430 rupees in the previous survey in 2011-2012.

In urban areas, spending rose to Rs 6,459 from 2,630 rupees.

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