Jun 12 , 2024

India's 8 Coolest Summer Getaways

By True Scoop

Manali: Nestled in Himachal Pradesh, known for scenic beauty, adventure sports, and pleasant weather.

Shimla: Popular hill station with colonial charm, lush landscapes, and a cool climate.

Ooty: Located in Tamil Nadu, famed for tea gardens, rolling hills, and cool, misty weather.

Darjeeling: Famous for tea plantations, panoramic views of Kanchenjunga, and a refreshing summer climate.

Munnar: Kerala's gem, known for its tea estates, rolling hills, and cool temperatures.

Ladakh: High-altitude desert offering stunning landscapes, monasteries, and an escape from summer heat.

Coorg: Karnataka's coffee country, with lush greenery, cool climate, and picturesque views.

Nainital: Known for its serene lakes, pleasant weather, and lush hills, perfect for a summer retreat.

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