May 04 , 2024

Know who is playing what role in Heeramandi

By True Scoop

Manisha Koirala has played the role of Mallikajaan, she is the queen of Heeramandi and accused of killing her sister

Sanjeeda Sheikh plays the role of Waheeda who is cousin of Manisha Koirala and her biggest enemy as well

Aditi Rao Haydari plays role of Bibbojaan. She is famous for her Mujra and the one who wants to keep family together

Sonakshi Sinha plays role of Fareedan. Daughter of Manisha Koirala’s sister. Fareedan wants to seek revenge of mother’s death

Richa Chaddha plays the role of Lajjo who falls in love with Nawab and gets cheated on. She dies due to shock

Sharmin Segal Mehta plays role of Alamzeb. She is Manisha Koirala’s daughter who wants to become a poetess and not tawaif

Sonakshi Sinha plays another role of Reena Appa. Queen of Heeramandi killed by her own sister Manisha Koirala

Pratibha Ranta plays role of Shama who is Sanjeeda Sheikh’s daughter. She falls in love with her mother’s Nawab

Fardeen Khan plays Wali Mohammad. He is a Nawab who want to fight against cruelty by British government

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