May 07 , 2024

THIS 'Laapataa Ladies' actor is a part of 'Heeramandi'

By True Scoop

Laapataa Ladies became one of the most watched movies on Netflix for its unconventional theme

Similarly, Heeramandi also gained a lot of popularity for the screenplay

Did you notice that both movie and web series have one common actor?

Pratibha Ranta, who portrayed the fiery Jaya in 'Laapataa Ladies', plays Shama in 'Heeramandi

In Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi she is seen as the daughter of courtesan Waheeda

While, in Laapataa Ladies, she is the one who becomes bride as a result of swap

Pratibha's sister Abha Ranta also appears in the series as a young Manisha Koirala

How many of you were able to spot the similarity of actors in both shows of Netflix?

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