Sep 02 , 2023

Leading U.S. Colleges for Athletic Training Programs

By True Scoop

University of South Carolina - Known for its rigorous coursework and collaboration with top athletic programs.

Michigan State University - Offers a well-rounded athletic training curriculum and extensive practical experiences.

University of Oregon - Renowned for its sports science programs and close ties to the Nike campus.

University of Texas at Austin - Features state-of-the-art labs and a strong sports medicine research focus.

Indiana University Bloomington - Offers a highly regarded athletic training program within its School of Public Health.

Ohio University - Known for its hands-on clinical experiences and partnerships with professional sports teams.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Has a long history of excellence in sports medicine and athletic training.

University of Michigan - Offers comprehensive athletic training programs with a strong emphasis on research.

University of Florida - Known for its cutting-edge facilities and renowned faculty in sports medicine.

Top U.S. colleges for athletic training programs offer rigorous academic coursework, hands-on clinical experience, and opportunities for research and mentorship.