10 Magical Indian Foods for Diabetes Control

Bitter Gourd (Karela): Contains compounds that may help lower blood sugar.

Fenugreek Seeds (Methi): Rich in soluble fiber, aiding in blood sugar regulation.

Turmeric (Haldi): Curcumin may have anti-inflammatory and blood sugar-lowering properties.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla): High in vitamin C and antioxidants, beneficial for diabetes.

Cinnamon (Dalchini): May improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels.

Ladyfinger (Bhindi): Low in carbs and a good source of soluble fiber.

Whole Grains (Brown Rice, Millets): Provide complex carbs and fiber for steady energy release.

Guava: High in fiber, helping to regulate blood sugar levels.

Drumstick (Moringa): May have anti-diabetic properties and is rich in nutrients.

Green Tea: Contains antioxidants that may help improve insulin sensitivity.

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