Nov 16 , 2023

Melodious Moments: 10 Gurdas Maan Songs to Listen and Enjoy

By True Scoop

“Mamla Gadbad Hai” A timeless classic addressing the complexities of life with Maan’s emotive vocals.

“Ki Banu Duniya Da” A soulful collaboration with Diljit Dosanjh, celebrating the spirit of Punjab.

“Sajna Ve Sajna” A romantic ballad that showcases Gurdas Maan’s versatility as a singer.

“Apna Punjab Hove” An anthem celebrating the pride and essence of Punjab.

“Boot Polishan” A foot-tapping number with a vibrant melody and catchy lyrics.

“Roti” A socially relevant song addressing the struggles of common people.

“Waris Shah Nu” A heartfelt tribute to the legendary Punjabi Sufi poet Waris Shah.

“Challa” An iconic track expressing the essence of a wanderer’s soul.

“Dil Da Mamla Hai” A classic Punjabi song that remains etched in the hearts of listeners.

“Pind Di Hawa” A melodious journey capturing the rural charm and simplicity of Punjab.

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