Apr 18 , 2024

10 Most Dangerous Cities In USA

By True Scoop

Detroit: The city is unsafe due to high rates of violent crime and economic challenges

Memphis: Many people worry to live here due to significant issues with violent crime and property crimes

Birmingham: It is quite dangerous due to high rates of violent offenses and socioeconomic problems.

Baltimore: It is known for persistent violent crime, especially homicides

St. Louis: It has a notable problem of violent crime, particularly homicides and assaults

Kansas City: The city is considered unsafe because of violent gang-related activities

Cleveland: The city deals with violent crime issues tied to poverty and economic struggles

Little Rock: It has concerning rates of violent crimes like homicides and assaults

Milwaukee: People prefer not to live here because of socioeconomic disparities

Stockton: The city grapples with violent crime linked to poverty and gang activity

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