Apr 17 , 2024

7 Most Expensive Things Owned By Sourav Joshi

By True Scoop

Sourav Joshi is one of the most celebrated Youtubers in India and has a net worth of 16 crores

Here are some insanely expensive things that he owns

Air Jordan High Golf Black and White Shoes: He is very fond of wearing sneakers and this alone costs 45,000

Em Doodle u2 cycle: The cycle is quite often seen in his vlogs and costs 50,000

Gaming PC: The PC on which Piyush is all the time seen playing costs around INR 5 lakhs

Mahindra Thar 4*4: Sourav Joshi is fond of rising cars. He owns a Thar costing Rs. 18 Lakhs

Fortuner Legender: Another car from his collection costs Rs. 55 lakhs

Porsche 718 boxter: One of his favourite cars from the luxury collections costs 1.46 crores

Sourav Joshi recently purchased a new house which is insanely beautiful and costs around 10 crores

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