Apr 24 , 2024

9 Most Successful Start Ups Of Last Decade

By True Scoop

Airbnb: It offered alternatives to traditional hotels budget-conscious travellers

Zoom: Video conferencing software helping in remote meetings and communication. It became quite a success during pandemic

Uber: It set out to transform the traditional taxi industry by providing a more convenient service

Snowflake: It rose from a tiny tech startup into one of the most successful data warehousing companies

DoorDash: It connected customers with local restaurants for food delivery

Beyond Meat: Providing a delicious and nutritious alternative of meat for consumers

Robinhood: It offered commission-free trading and democratising access to the stock market for everyone

Xpressbees: An ecommerce logistics company that offers express delivery services is now a unicorn

Uniphore: It became the 8th Indian startup to enter the unicorn club in 2022

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