10 Must Try Dishes of Bihari Cuisine

Litti Chokha: Baked wheat balls with spicy mashed vegetables, a staple delight offering robust flavors.

Sattu Paratha: Stuffed flatbread filled with roasted gram flour, a nutritious and filling Bihari specialty.

Bihari Kebab: Spiced and grilled meat, bursting with regional flavors, perfect for meat lovers.

Dal Pitha: Steamed dumplings with lentil filling, a savory delicacy enjoyed across Bihari households.

Thekua: Sweet treats made with wheat flour, jaggery, and coconut, often enjoyed during festivals.

Ghugni: Spiced yellow peas curry, a popular street food that's both flavorful and satisfying.

Chana Ghugni: Black gram curry, cooked with aromatic spices, providing a hearty and delicious vegetarian dish.

Bihari Kalaadi: Spiced, dense mawa cake, flavored with cardamom, a festive and indulgent Bihari sweet.

Khaja: Flaky, deep-fried pastry layers soaked in sugar syrup, a traditional and delightful Bihari dessert.

Handia: Indigenous rice beer, fermented with herbs, offering a unique taste of Bihari culinary tradition.

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