Navigating Fog: 10 Safety Tips for Driving in Foggy Conditions
By True Scoop

Reduce Speed: Slow down to maintain better control and reaction time.

Use Low Beams: Opt for low-beam headlights to improve visibility without creating glare.

Fog Lights: If your vehicle has fog lights, use them to enhance visibility close to the ground.

Maintain Distance: Increase following distance to allow for sudden stops and reaction time.

Use Defrosters and Wipers: Ensure your windshield is clear for better visibility.

Listen for Traffic: Roll down your windows to listen for approaching vehicles, especially at intersections.

Stay in Your Lane: Follow road markings and stay within your lane to avoid straying into oncoming traffic.

Avoid High Beams: High beams can create glare in fog, reducing visibility. Stick to low beams.

Use Roadside Markings: Follow road signs and markings to stay on the correct path.

Be Cautious of Exiting Traffic: Watch for vehicles pulling onto the road and be prepared for sudden stops.

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