10 Peaceful Getaways in Karnataka for a Quiet New Year
By True Scoop

Coorg (Madikeri): Discover tranquility in Coorg, surrounded by lush coffee plantations and scenic hills.

Gokarna: Embrace calmness in Gokarna, known for its serene beaches and spiritual vibes.

Hampi: Unwind amidst historical ruins and a serene atmosphere in the ancient city of Hampi.

Chikmagalur: Experience a quiet New Year in Chikmagalur, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and coffee estates.

Nandi Hills: Find peace in Nandi Hills, a short escape with panoramic views and a tranquil environment.

Kabini: Connect with nature in Kabini, known for its serene backwaters and wildlife.

Honnemaradu: Enjoy a tranquil New Year by the peaceful backwaters of Honnemaradu.

Badami: Embrace the calmness of Badami, famous for its cave temples and peaceful surroundings.

Dandeli: Discover serenity in Dandeli, surrounded by lush forests and the Kali River.

Sakleshpur: Relax in Sakleshpur, a quiet hill station with beautiful landscapes and a pleasant climate.

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