10 Quiet Retreats Near Delhi for a Peaceful New Year
By True Scoop

Neemrana: Discover serenity in Neemrana, a historical town with tranquil surroundings.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary: Connect with nature in Sultanpur, known for its peaceful bird sanctuary.

Manesar: Unwind in Manesar, a quiet retreat away from the bustling city life.

Surajkund: Experience calmness in Surajkund, known for its serene lake and crafts mela.

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary: Find peace in Asola Bhatti, a sanctuary offering a tranquil escape.

Damdama Lake: Enjoy a quiet New Year by Damdama Lake, surrounded by nature.

Morni Hills: Embrace tranquility in Morni Hills, a serene destination not far from Delhi.

Kuchesar: Relax in Kuchesar, a quaint village with a peaceful rural charm.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: Experience calm birdwatching moments in Bharatpur, a short trip from Delhi.

Dadhikar Fort: Discover peace in Dadhikar, a fort destination offering a tranquil retreat.

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