May 24 , 2024

In Pics: 6 Delhi Restaurants That Feel Like Heeramandi

By True Scoop

Haveli Dharampura: Experience Mughal-era grandeur in a beautifully restored haveli

The lavish interiors and exquisite dishes transport you to a princely era

Khubani: Indulge in regal flavors with a royal ambiance

Enjoy traditional delicacies amid stunning architecture

Qavalli: Enjoy soulful Sufi music with traditional cuisine

This restaurant offers a perfect blend of melodious qawwalis and rich food

Gumbad Cafe: Savor unique dishes in a charming, heritage-inspired setting

The ambiance reflects historical elegance with a contemporary twist

Dum Pukht ITC Maurya: Relish slow-cooked Awadhi dishes in opulent surroundings

Known for its luxurious decor and meticulous culinary techniques

Begam: Delight in rich flavors amid elegant, historical decor

The ambiance and cuisine pay homage to the grandeur of bygone eras

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