May 22 , 2024

In Pics: Indian Influencers Create Stir At Cannes Red Carpet

By True Scoop

RJ Karishma: She impressed onlookers with her vibrant and bold outfit, reflecting her lively personality

Ayush Mehra: Opted for a dapper and stylish appearance, making a statement with his well-tailored suit

Nancy Tyagi: She made a remarkable debut at Cannes in a self-stitched pink gown that took 30 days and 1,000 meters of fabric

Aastha Shah: The influencer wowed the crowd in a glamorous ensemble, blending contemporary fashion

Vishnu Kaushal: Showcased his flair for fashion with a trendy and edgy outfit

Ankush Bhaguna: Turned heads with his sophisticated and chic look, emphasizing classic elegance

Shehzaan Khan: The ‘laung da lashkara’ influencer turned heads with the iconic black suit

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