May 04 , 2024

Places Where Hanuman Ji’s Footprint can be spotted

By True Scoop

Thailand: Hanuman Ji's footprint is believed to be found on top of a hill in the Phra Phutthabat District

Devotees trek up to witness this sacred imprint, immersed in the tranquillity of nature

Indonesia: Located in the Rambutan village of East Java, Indonesia, Hanuman Ji's footprint is revered by locals

The site offers a serene ambiance, inviting devotees to reflect on the timeless tales

Malaysia: Hanuman Ji's footprint is a cherished symbol of faith and reverence

Devotees seek solace and inspiration in this sacred spot, connecting with the divine presence

Sri Lanka: It boasts of several sites where Hanuman Ji's footprint is believed to be imprinted

It attracts pilgrims and devotees who seek blessings and guidance from the revered deity

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