May 03 , 2024

9 Places Where Women Aren’t Allowed To Visit

By True Scoop

Lord Kartikeya Temple, India: The presiding God here is the brahmachari, it is said that it curses women who enter temple

Sabarimala, Kerala: Women between the age of 10 and 50 are not allowed to enter the temple

Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai: Fatwa was released and women are no longer allowed to enter the inner sanctum

Ayyappan Temple, Sabarimala: Any woman who menstruates, is barred from going on the pilgrimage

Mount Athos, Greece: For more than 1000 years, women have been barred from entering into this place

Okinoshima Island, Japan: World Heritage Site where women are banned because of Shinto traditions.

Mount Omine- Japan: Women are not allowed to go beyond a further point for religious reasons

Tour De France: Women are not allowed to participate in this sport

Voting Booths, Saudi Arabia: Voting booths in this country has never seen a woman

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