Prime reasons behind Delhi breathing toxic air every winter


Smog 1

A different winter but the same old story for Delhi and NCR over pollution. The already grieving pollution standards deteriorate in winter owing to weather that lets the dust and pollutants suspended in the air.

Smog 2

Is winter the only concern for the national capital’s growing menace of pollution over the years? The answer is it just intensifies the case the hurdle and challenges are presented in the next few images.

Stubble Burning

The National capital shares its border with the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, and the stubble burning in these states makes up the main cause behind the city’s grave weather conditions.


Large-scale construction without paying much heed to the safety measures adds to the prevailing adversaries. Instead of providing a long-term solution govt just focuses on ad hocism.

Traffic and Congestion

Investing less in public infrastructure is another reason for air pollution. The city’s investment in public transport and infrastructure is too low which leads to congested roads, and hence air pollution.


Overpopulation has been a long-pending concern for the city, and the entire scenario has been turning grave for years now owing to the dump and pollution caused by households, amidst improper management.


Firecrackers intensify the scenario right at the point when the city is set to enter the winter season, despite the ban people turn up in huge defying norms and the AQI all as a whole starts taking a huge dip.

Smog 3

These reasons altogether hype the adversary for Delhi in the winter and people continues to struggle in the same status for years, without the consolidative stand from the government.