5 Quick Batata Vada Recipes: Instant and Delicious

Classic Batata Vada: Spiced mashed potatoes, gram flour coating, deep-fry. Golden and crispy, serve with chutney for an iconic snack.

Cheese Stuffed Batata Vada: Surprise with cheese-filled potato balls. Batter-coat, deep-fry to golden perfection. Irresistibly gooey and delicious.

Schezwan Batata Vada: Spicy twist with Schezwan sauce-infused potato mix. Crispy frying and extra sauce for a zesty delight.

Methi Batata Vada: Flavorful fenugreek leaves mixed with potato filling. Shape, fry, and enjoy a fragrant twist on Batata Vada.

Paneer Batata Vada: Creamy delight with mashed paneer. Coat in batter, deep-fry for a rich and satisfying variation of Batata Vada.