Quick & Flavorful: 10 Punjabi Chicken Recipes Ready in Just 10 Minutes
By True Scoop

Butter Chicken Bites: Sauté chicken chunks in a rich buttery tomato sauce

Tandoori Tanginess: Marinate chicken in yogurt and tandoori spices for a swift grilled delight.

Spicy Chicken Curry Express: A rapid rendition of the classic Punjabi chicken curry.

Masala Magic Wings: Coat wings in aromatic masalas for a zesty twist in minutes.

Chapati Roll-ups: Shred cooked chicken and roll it into chapatis for a speedy snack.

Quick Punjabi Chicken Salad: Toss chicken with veggies and Punjabi spices for a refreshing salad.

Jeera Chicken Jaunt: Sizzle chicken with cumin seeds for a quick burst of flavor.

Peppy Pepper Chicken: Stir-fry chicken with colorful bell peppers for a vibrant dish.

Rapid Punjabi Pulao: Mix chicken with aromatic spices for a speedy one-pot pulao.

Dhaba-Style Chicken Fry: Quick-fry chicken with robust spices for a dhaba-inspired treat.