10 Quiet Places Near Bengaluru for a Peaceful New Year
By True Scoop

Nandi Hills: Enjoy peace in Nandi Hills, a short trip with nice views and fresh air.

Kanakapura: Find calmness in Kanakapura, known for its peaceful lakes and natural beauty.

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta: Relax on Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, a calm place for trekking and great views.

Lepakshi: Have a quiet New Year in Lepakshi, a historic town with old temples and peaceful surroundings.

Makalidurga: Discover peace in Makalidurga, a trekking spot with a calm hill fort.

Bananthimari Betta: Connect with nature at Bananthimari Betta, a lesser-known trekking spot near Bengaluru.

Kanva Reservoir: Enjoy a calm New Year by the quiet waters of Kanva Reservoir.

Srirangapatna: Feel the calmness of Srirangapatna, an island town with historical places.

Avalabetta: Find serenity in Avalabetta, a hill station with peaceful surroundings and nice views.

Kaggaladu: Relax in Kaggaladu, a place for birdwatching and a peaceful getaway near Bengaluru.

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