Revitalize Your Morning: 10 Best Exercises to Kickstart Your Day

Jumping Jacks: Boosts heart rate and warms up the body.

Yoga Sun Salutations: Enhances flexibility, balance, and mindfulness.

Running or Jogging: Cardiovascular exercise for overall fitness and energy.

Bodyweight Squats: Strengthens legs, glutes, and core muscles.

Plank: Engages core muscles for stability and strength.

Push-Ups: Builds upper body strength and endurance.

Cycling: Outdoor or stationary biking for low-impact cardio.

Lunges: Targets legs and improves balance and coordination.

Skipping Rope: Effective cardio exercise for endurance and agility.

Hiking or brisk walking: Refreshing outdoor activity for physical and mental well-being.

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