Security breach at Lok Sabha after two men intrude and throw gas in Parliament
By True Scoop

Two unidentified men jumped from the visitors' gallery and hurled tear gas at politicians in Lok Sabha.

Lok Sabha security breach took place on the 22nd anniversary of the Parliament attack.

The proceeding of the Lok Sabha was suspended and the MPs started coming out of the Lok Sabha.

As MPs came out of the Lok Sabha, they said the intruder(s) were spraying some kind of a gas.

The MPs and the security caught hold of the man and started interrogating them.

West Bengal BJP MP Khagen Murmu was speaking in the Lok Sabha when the intruder was spotted.

Congress MP Karti Chidambaram said the two men - around 20 years of age - had canisters in their hand.

Those canisters were emitting yellow smoke as per the Congress MP.

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