Apr 18 , 2024

10 StandUp Comedians Earning In Crores

By True Scoop

Anubhav Bassi: Over 35 lakh subscribers on YouTube and 1.4 million on Instagram, this guy is a comedy genius

Gaurav Kapoor: He’s popular for his funny acts and anecdotal humour and has over 355k followers

Aakash Gupta: Boasting a whopping 1 million followers on Instagram, this guy is definitely onto something!

Abhishek Upmanyu: With over 4 million followers on Youtube, He is one of the most popular stand-up comedians in India

Aditi Mittal: She happens to be one of the very first female stand-up comedians in India

Kunal Kamra: He is one of the most controversial stand-up comedians in India

Zakir Khan: Head over to his YouTube channel to experience a riot of laughter

Atul Khatri: He is rated as one of the best Indian comedians for his on spot humour on every topic he picks up

Kenny Sebastian: He is one of the most popular names on our list of Indian comedians

Kanan Singh Gill: He is most popular for hosting his show called “Pretentious Movie Reviews” on Youtube

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