Southern Spice in a Flash: 10 South Indian Chicken Recipes Ready in Just 1 Minute
By True Scoop

Chettinad Chicken Quick Fix: A rapid Chettinad-style chicken curry with signature spices.

Express Coconut Chicken Curry: Chicken cooked swiftly in a coconut-infused South Indian curry.

Pepper Podi Chicken Stir-Fry: Quick stir-fry with pepper podi for an instant South Indian kick.

Lemon Rasam Roast Chicken: Chicken roasted with lemon rasam spices for a zesty twist in minutes.

Quick Sambar Soaked Chicken: Chicken infused with sambar flavors, ready in under a minute.

Masala Dosa Chicken Wrap: Shredded chicken wrapped in a masala dosa for a speedy snack.

Instant Gongura Chicken Delight: Gongura-infused chicken cooked rapidly for a tangy experience.

South Indian Tandoori Tang: Tandoori-style chicken with South Indian spices, cooked in a flash.

Curry Leaf Chicken Crunch: Chicken fried with curry leaves for a quick and aromatic crunch.

Rapid Rasam Rice Chicken: Chicken mixed with rasam rice flavors for a South Indian comfort meal in just 1 minute.

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