Spices and Sustenance: 8 Hidden Breakfast Gems from West India

Misal Pav: Spicy sprout curry served with pav bread, a fiery Maharashtrian favorite, topped with crunchy farsan and onions.

Dhokla: Soft, spongy steamed gram flour cakes, adorned with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and a tangy tempering.

Poha Kachori: Crispy poha-stuffed pastries, a delightful snack from Rajasthan, perfect with tamarind chutney.

Gujarati Thepla: Thin, spiced flatbreads loaded with fenugreek leaves, a wholesome breakfast from Gujarat, best enjoyed with yogurt.

Farcha: Spicy fried chicken, a Parsi twist to breakfast, served with pav or paratha, adding a savory note.

Patra: Taro leaves smeared with spiced gram flour, rolled, and steamed, then sliced and shallow-fried, a unique snack from Gujarat.

Kansar: Sweet wheat flour dumplings cooked with ghee and jaggery, a soul-warming breakfast from the Saurashtra region.

Kokum Sarbat: Tangy and refreshing kokum juice, a Konkan specialty, a perfect drink to complement a hearty breakfast.